How to Start a Business Page on Facebook -AND- How to Drive Traffic There

I’ll start with what I promised you last week. Then I will pontificate. Hopefully you will stick around for that because you find it relevant and entertaining.

This is the most popular question I recieve, so I will start here. How do I set up a Business Facebook page?  Instead my rewriting it for the next half hour,  go to the following links to get the step-by-step process. I like the first one best.

Important Pontificating: I saw an ad for Carnival Cruiseline this week that said something like this. Do you like us or do you “LIKE” us? (Use it for your agency. Email every client you have and ask the same question.) Of course it is a play on words. In Facebook you want fans of  your agency to “LIKE” you, follow you and your agency’s online marketing campaign and see your online professional presence. Carnival gave some stuff away to get friends. You might not have to.

SUPER TIP OF THE WEEK: If it were me, I would have a conversation with every client I saved money. I would say, “I just saved you $856, can you do two things for me:1)Like my agency on Facebook and 2) Post tonight how much you love your agent and what we did for you.” Don’t ask for “A” referral, ask for 130. (Average number of Friends people have on Facebook) Hello?! Did you follow me there? That’s a freakin good tip and a great reason to come back for more, every week. (Tell me if you like that idea and why it would or would not work for you and your agency.)

AVERAGE TIP OF THE WEEK: Is Insurance a commodity? NO, IT IS NOT! So prove it. Provide value through your Facebook account. Show them why they need you. Lost as to what you might post? Post things that take commodity out of the equation. Educate your consumer, the same way I educate you. Show them specifics in the policies you provide. Don’t know the specifics? Well…we’ll save that for another post.

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