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So I wrote a Blog a few weeks ago, posted it for one minute and then pulled it off. I wanted to share some stats with you from the comScore report but was not sure if I legally could. (You know copyright stuff.) So instead I went digging for you to find the information elsewhere.

What is the comScore report?

“comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its 2009 Auto Insurance report. The 50-page report, which presents a detailed overview of the important consumer trends affecting the Auto Insurance industry, is based on both behavioral data from comScore’s panel of one million U.S. Internet users and a survey of 2,000 auto insurance consumers. Among the many topics covered in the report are the growing importance of the online channel, on which consumers increasingly rely to obtain auto insurance price quotes and purchase their coverage, and the synergies between online and other significant channels such as local agents and toll-free numbers.”

Basically it’s a stats company that measures a lot of stuff in the digital world and then sells the reports for $. Each year they do a report specific to the insurance industry and how customers are shopping online vs other methods.

So let’s share some of those stats in a way I feel comfortable sharing them, with sources I feel comfortable sharing with you.

2009 comScore Report Says;
Q: In which of the following ways did you shop/obtain price quotes when you shopped most recently? (select all that apply)

I went online to quote 63%
I called/visited local agents who represent one insurance company 26%
I called/visited local agents who represent multiple insurance companies 25%
I called a toll-free number for quotes 18%
Other 3%

What does this tell you? You need an online presence. You need to be capturing more of the market. You need to be capturing a larger part of the clients shopping, and they are beginning their shopping experience online.

“While the online channel can reduce costs and increase efficiency for both insurers and consumers, it also removes the relationship building effect of working with a local agent,” added Levitt. “Accordingly, insurers need to find ways to cultivate customer relationships with those acquired through the online channel if they hope to solidify their brand loyalty.”

According to the Personal Line Growth Alliance the 2010 comScore Report Says:

72% of consumers have shopped online for Auto Insurance.
67% of shoppers last year went looking for a quote online (up 4%, see above)
22% went to a local agent with only one price point (down 4% from last year)
22% went to a local agent with multiple price points (down 3% from last year)

What does this tell you?
The percentage of consumers going online is still growing. Stop fighting the advice to go online and go! Not sure how? Go read my blog about my five baby steps.

Last and most important note: Independents are better closers than Captives. Captives have a better web presence than Independents, because they know people start shopping online.

There is another stat that shows a huge percent of consumers start online, but want to finish face-to-face with an agent.

What does that tell you?
When a person is done fooling around online looking for information, they are not going to the yellow pages to find a local agent. They are going to Google: insurance, agent, city name.

If they Google: “agent, insurance, and your city name,” will they find you?
If they Google: “insurance agent and your state” will they find you? A worthy goal to work towards.

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